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Round the World Trip Planner

Welcome to Hop Around the World. The travel guide created for the benefit of the traveller to help with planning your travels Round The World or Gap Year. Whether you are planning an amazing adventure backpacking or Gap Year working and volunteering projects, you will find this guide useful. The different sections dwell on creating a Travel Itinerary, Around the World Air Tickets, Travel Route Around the World, Adventure Tours, Transport Overland, Travel Insurance, Travel Health, Safety in travelling, Travel Money management, Travel Gear, Accommodation and general advice. This website has been designed to arm you with as much information and help required to plan an amazing adventure.

The lust to travel comes to all of us at some point in our lives. Are you toying with the idea to go on an adventure around the world or have you made that important decision already? In any case, you have come to the right place to help you along on your journey.

It does not really matter if one has no rational reason for the lust to travel. Sometimes wanderlust is just there in the blood waiting for its time and once it is unleashed, there is no going back. For some it is a journey to find themselves. The world is your oyster and the beauty of this world in both nature and human life needs to be discovered – by you! For this, one thing is sure, you have to break the chains that hold you down in that 'rat race'. Embarking on such an adventure will require some energy to make it all happen. Leaving the rat race is something you have to crawl out of. You will have to struggle out of it, the longer you leave it, the harder the breakout. However breaking free from the shackles of the rat race will bring immense rewards and memories to last a lifetime, with tales of a plenty.

Create the opportunity to embark on your travels, for example it may be your Gap Year. Working full time? You may find that your company can grant you a sabbatical leave for six months or a year. Or, you may just have to quit your job -as horrific as this sounds, you will be surprised the number of people who actually do!

Now you have created this once in a lifetime opportunity to travel........what do you do now? Plan your round the world adventure! This website can help, by proposing a framework to thoroughly plan your round the world adventure, equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure that this once in a lifetime experience is one to remember! This website also aims to equip the virgin traveller, with the necessary mindset to avoid the pitfalls and calamities that can occur on a round the world trip.

So lets get started on planning this round the world adventure........

Step 1 - Round the World Itinerary Planning – Make a plan of the list of cities, continents and places of interest that you wish to travel to. Plan activities and areas of exploration for the cities / continents you want to include on your round the world trip. Ask yourself what type of things you like to do whilst on holiday; do you like outdoor adventure (trekking, mountain climbing, white water rafting, sky diving, scuba diving etc)? Do you prefer to have amenities around you and maybe prefer some luxury (5* resorts, fine dining etc)? Are you more of a nature person (exploring natural wonders such as caves, waterfalls, volcanoes, jungles etc)? Or prefer exploring cities (museums, monuments, attractions, art galleries, architecture etc)?

Add these activities/choices in your planned worldwide locations. This planning step should generate a broad list of destinations and activities which will form the basis of a round the world itinerary. The key in your plan is to be as general as possible as your round the world flight choices (Step 2) will narrow the itinerary down to something more specific.  It maybe helpful to rank the items in your planned itinerary in terms of “I have to do it”, “I'd like to do it”, “that would be nice” to aid flight planning.

Step 2 – Flights (Plan Your Route) - Armed with a itinerary plan (created in step 1) you will first need to translate this into round the world flights to accommodate the destinations defined in step 1. Plan your route and decide where you would like to go and choose the appropriate Flights and Round The World tickets to satisfy the itinerary. Both Stages (intinerary plan, round the wold flight planning) &   are intertwined and it will be at this stage where your plan will become more and more refined based upon the nature of the flight tickets you choose to book. You may find some destinations in your itinerary plan are not practical due to the round the world airline ticket.  However other destinations and possibilities may / will present themselves that were not in your original plan (itinerary).

Step 3 - Travel Essentials - Research and familiarise round the worldtravel essentials such as: Travel Gear and Equipment, Travel Insurance, Travel Health, Vaccinations, Travel Safety, Accommodation, Visa's and understand options available to manage currency abroad. Find out as much information as possible about your destinations and items that are required for the RTW trip.

Step 4 - Budget Planning - Do the MATHS, define and plan your budget (after you have established the cost of the round the world ticket) and explore how far it can go. Remember you will have to spend on travel equipment, vaccinations, medications and insurance. How far will your budget go to achieve items in step 1 and 2 and 3 ? Factor in an approximate cost of dining, accommodation, local and regional travel and the cost of carrying out your activities and excursions. It may be a good idea to tabulate into a spreadsheet which will help to calculate approximate daily costs for these things. This will give you a general idea if you will need to work whist on this adventure to subsidise further travel.

Step 5 - Bookings - Start booking your round the world flights, accommodations, visa's, Insurance, and expeditions. Get vaccinated, and begin executing an exit strategy to temporarily leave the Rat-Race.

Step 6 - Bon VoyageStart to tie up loose ends.  Do not miss that flight (or others on your round the world ticket)!  Some people like to document travels. Protect your online identity (personal information) when using internet cafes and look after yourself – stay safe!  We wish you the best.  Please let others know if this website was of help in planning your round the world trip.