Round the World Tickets

Options for Booking

Booking a round the world flight is the single most crucial aspect of a round the world trip.  The particular round the world air ticket underpins the locations you will visit and defines the options therein.  Having reviewed an overview of round the world tickets it is apparent there is a lot of small print and quirks with each round the world ticket.

If you are comfortable planning a round the world trip yourself, you can visit the airline pages directly and plan and purchase your ticket.  The following websites have graphical tools to chart your round the world adventure and you can work through the tools charting the route and book online.  You are also able co call a person from the respective airline and work through planning a round the world trip, this can aid  understanding the small print.

The other option is to go through a travel agent who's specialisation is round the world tickets.  Specialist agents should walk you through all the terms and conditions and demystify the complexities of the ticket assist you in the planning process. They can also make recommendations of particular tickets that may best serve your requirements as they sell a broad range of RTW tickets.  The agents vast experience can be utilised to find the perfect ticket for you on a based on the best destination / cost ratio.  Specialist travel agents include:

  • Round the World Flights (
  • StaTravel (
  • Round the World Experts (
  • Flight Centre (
  • Kilroy Travels (
  • Airtreks (
  • Travel Nation (