Travel Clinic

The Travel Clinic is an essential part of travel health.  The travel clinic gives you expert advise about the fatal diseases in each region of the world and will generally offer vaccinations against these diseases or countermeasures to prevent becoming ill. 

Some general practitioners (GP) offer travel vaccinations, however it is recommended to pay travel clinics a visit, as this is their niche.  A GP will often research your chosen destinations to elucidate which immunisations will be required.  In a typical 10 minute GP appointment, there is little time for the GP to bring up a shortlist.  Not all surgeries are likely to keep the relevant travel immunisation stock levels high and that would mean revisiting the surgery when drugs are ordered in.  A travel clinic is in the business of offering vaccines and is not likely to have low stock levels.  Travel Clinics often provide a free consultation service offering you available vaccinations against those diseases which can be vaccinated .  Travel clinics can also offer advise on diseases and infections to which there are no vaccines with private prescriptions to purchase drugs if necessary  and available.

Typical Diseases which can be vaccinated against are:

Yellow Fever
Hepatitis A / B
Tick-Borne Encephalitis
Japanese Encephalitis

Diseases with no vaccine:

Dengue Fever
Altitude Sickness (AMS)

If you have a travel itinerary you can visit  the The National Travel Health Network and Centre (  and click on each region and country to give you a good idea of which vaccines and medications to take.

Travel Clinics are available throughout the UK, USA and Australia.  The popular Travel Clinics are listed below:


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