Travel Pre Departure Preperation

Bon Voyage

All tickets, accommodation, excursions and essentials have been booked and taken care of.  The excitement of the experience of a lifetime looms, however there are a few things that need to be done before you catch that flight of a lifetime...:

Tie up loose ends  - Non travel pre departure arrangement (sort out bills etc) before you take off on a trip of a lifetime.  

Online security in an internet Cafe  - When you embark on your journey you will keep contact with family and friends (to make them jealous! and allay their deepest worries).  This will be done primarily over the internet normally through internet cafe's. As the internet provides a means to manage your bank accounts, pay your bills etc.  There are numerous risks when accessing the internet through internet cafe's  and other such places.  You will need to keep your online assets safe and secure.

Document the Experience - Last but not least, you will want to document your experiences, upload your photo's so you have tales to tell your grandchildren and some pictures to prove it!, "When I were young .......".  A few websites that can capture your adventure are provided.